We represent manufacturers of the following products:


Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards (MCPCB) Al/Cu Super Pillar MCPCB, Chokes, Coils, LAN Magnetics, transformers, toroids, Micro Coaxial (MCX) Connectors and harnesses for LVDS, Display panel, Camera modules, Antenna applications, FPC/FFC, Board to board and docking connectors 

Metal Fabrication

Precision Metal Fabrication, stamping, powder coating, silk screening, CNC Swiss Turning, CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Screw Machines, Grinding, and specialty operations, Photochemical Machining of Precision metal parts, microelectronic lids, leadframes, EMI/RFI shields and Titanium Products

Plastics and Enclosures

OH Polycarbonate NEMA Style Enclosures,  Cabinets and Enclosures, Communication shelters, Racks, Cabinet Accessories

Contract Manufacturing

High quality, economical contract manufacturing services for our state-of-the-art Manufacturing facilities in Hong Kong, China, Chicagoland, Milwaukee-area, Rochester, NY.

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